How to bridge Mai stable coins from Polygon Matic to Cronos.

In this example we will show you how to bridge MAI stable coin from the Polygon network to the Cronos network.

We will first need to get ourselves some MAI token on the Quickswap exchange . From the Relaychain app, simply click the swap button to automatically be redirected to Quickswap website make sure your wallet is connected.

Select MAI token and input the amount you want to bridge to Cronos and do the swap. Now that you have some MAI token, you can use the ”bridge” link on directly on quickswap exchange.

Or go back to the app on RelayChain to do the transfer. Select Cronos in the destination chain.

Select MAI token Select the amount you want to bridge and click transfer.

This will be a 2 step process, first you will need to appove the transaction and than start the actual transfer.

Voila your transfer is now completed. 

You can now verify directly on the Cronos chain to see that your funds are well arrived. But first you will need to add the Cronos RPC to your Metamask. Select Cronos network from the top dropdown menu.

A Metamask window will pop up and ask you to approve the addition of the Cronos network, click approve and switch to Cronos network in your MetaMask wallet.

You will see that 2.18 CRO gas tokens were airdropped automatically in your account.

Remember to always keep a small amount of gas token to be able to interact with the network. Click the import button to add MAI token to your Metamask. Copy the MAI Cronos address and add the token.

Voila. You can now see your balance on Cronos network.




These complete steps are also in the tutorial Video below.