How to bridge Fantom (FTM) from Polygon to Multivac?


In this video we will show you how to use the MultiVAC bridge to send the FTM token cross-chain from Polygon to MultiVAC.

How to bridge fantom token from polygon network to the multivac network

In this example we will show you how to send fantom token from the polygon network to the multivac network with the Relaychain bridge

If you don’t already have fantom token on the polygon network, you can get some on one of our DEX partners listed in the description below the video

On the Relaychain app select the the destination chain where you want to send your funds. In this case Multivac network

Once destination chain is selected, you’ll be able to see the bridging fees, so make sure you have enought to pay for bridge and make sure to have a little more for the gas fee also.

Now that balance is verified, select the token you want to transfers and imput the amount you want to bridge beside the token name

This will be a 2 step process, first you will need to appove the transaction and than start the actual transfer


Voila! You transaction is completed


Now to verify that your funds are arrived on multivac network, you might need to add Multivac RPC to your metamask wallet and import the fantom Multivac version into your wallet. Here’s how to do so

Select the Multivac network in the top dropdown menu on the relaychain app. Metamask will than ask you to approve the new network

Once added, switch network and got to the asset tab and clic import token

Copy the fantom multivac address from the Relaychain app or in the description below the video and paste in in the custom tab and import the token to see your balance

Contract FTM on Multivac: 0x67558D91654A6ccbe88a3cc4e1DB862BC51fc322

These complete steps are also in the tutorial Video below.