How to bridge USDT.e tokens from Avalanche to Shiden.

In this video we wel show you how to bridge / cross-chain tokens from Avalanche to the Shiden network.

In this example we used to swap Avax for USDT.e on the Avalanche chain.

How to setup metamask for Shiden:…

You can buy, swap, wrap and unwrap on Avalanche on any of our partners DEX:

You can buy, swap, wrap and unwrap on Shiden on any of our partners DEX: Boltswap soon…..

In this example we will send USDT ”E” from the avalanche network to the Shiden network First go to Trader Joe and get yourself some USDT ”E” token Swap the token of your choice for USDT ”E”

Once the swap is completed, go to to do the transfer Select USDT ”E” in the dropdown menu.

Select the amount you want to bridge. Then select the destination chain Click transfer. This will be a 2 step process.

You first need to approve the transfer and then start the transfer

Voila Your transfer is done.

To verify your funds have arrived select shiden in the dropdown menu and select it.

Then check your USDT ”E” balance on Shiden network directly on

Simple, fast and secure RELAY


These complete steps are also in the tutorial Video below.