How to buy Relay tokens by using Coinbase and the Avalanche network.

In this example we will show you how to buy Avax on Coinbase, send it to your MetaMask wallet and buy Relay token on the Avalanche network.

By using this method you will have a gateway from Coinbase to all chains\networks by bridging through RelayChain easy, fast and secure!!!

First log into you Coinbase account. On the home page, you’ll see a trade tab on the left, click it On the trade page you will have 2 options to get AVAX.

First option is to buy AVAX token directly with fiat money through your connected bank account. Second option is to convert a crypto asset you already have for Avax.

This is what we will do in this example: Click on the convert tab. Select the token you want to convert to Avax and select Avax.

Now choose the amount you want to convert. In this example we will convert the complete Usdc balance to Avax. Once desired amount is set, click the blue convert button and confirm by clicking convert now on the preview screen.

Now that you have some Avax token, the next step will be to send it to your MetaMask wallet Click the send/receive button on the top right. Select Avax token.

Select the amount you want to send. Here you have the option to set the amount in USD value or in Avax token. Here we will send 1 Avax. Now add your MetaMask public address on the top field and click continue.

You will be ask to review to transaction before sending it. Once verified, click send now. A 2 steps verification window will open up. Enter your 2 factors authentication and confirm.

Your Avax tokens are now on the Avalanche network. Finally to buy the Relay token, go to First verify that your wallet is connected to the Avalanche network. If you don’t know how to do this please check the link to our other tutorial videos in the description below this video. Now select Avax in the top drop-down menu and select Relay token below. Click max and swap your Avax for Relay.

Voila Congratulation! You now own Relay tokens

Token contracts for the Avalanche network to add in Metamask: Relay 0x78c42324016cd91D1827924711563fb66E33A83A


These complete steps are also in the tutorial Video below.