Bridge USDC ETH between Ethereum Avalanche Polygon Matic
It is now possible to bridge USDC and ETH between four networks using RelayChain!
January 14, 2021

The RelayChain team is excited to announce that bridging USDC and ETH is now possible on the platform. The initial bridge connections will be between four of the most popular blockchains; Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Users will be able to easily send their USDC and ETH tokens between any combination of these networks. The assets received will be the “native” versions on each of these chains. 

Since the full launch of RelayChain in September 2021, the platform has excelled in bridging popular gas tokens from their native networks to other popular blockchains. They have also successfully bridged many tokens from new projects. Until now, the critical feature that had been missing was the ability to bridge USDC and ETH to other networks in an “unwrapped” form. The tokens that users bridge will be the most popular versions hosted in liquidity pools by the decentralized exchanges on these four chains. This new deployment now unlocks a world of possibilities for the RelayChain bridge, it’s community, and it’s partners. 

RelayChain enables fast, secure and low cost cross-chain token transfers between the worlds leading blockchains. The platform offers Bridging as a Service (BaaS) to partner networks and dApps wishing to expand their footprint beyond a single chain. RelayChain currently supports bridges between any combination of Cronos, Harmony, Moonriver, IoTeX, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Shiden and HECO. Multiple popular networks will be added in the near future. A unique feature of RelayChain is that once a token exists on our platform, it can be bridged to any other EVM in our list of networks. This can be done in one step without need to return to the parent chain first. This represents a major feature of speed and convenience for all of the users. The RELAY token holds high utility as it will be used to reward stakers with a share of the native gas tokens collected from bridging fees. It’s a deflationary token; the more transactions that occur, the more RELAY is bought back and burned. RelayChain can quickly enable any project’s tokens to be bridged at no cost to the project. 

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