How to bridge from IoTeX?

Everything you need to know about bridging from IoTeX.

The native chain “gas” token on IoTeX is IOTX. All transactions on IoTeX are paid in IOTX. This includes bridging “cross-chain” transactions to the other chains “networks”.


What is IoTeX?

IoTeX was founded as an open-source platform in 2017 with a vision for the Internet of Trusted Things, a decentralized ecosystem where humans and machines can interact with guaranteed security and trust. We are on a mission to ensure everyday people and businesses can own and control their devices, as well as the data/value they generate. By connecting the physical and digital worlds, IoTeX will democratize access to machine-backed DApps, assets, and services to deliver value to users and fuel the new machine economy.

How to configure MetaMask for IoTeX?

You have 2 options to configure MetaMask for using the IoTeX chain “network”:

  1. Automatic by selecting the IoTeX chain in the RelayChain bridge app. This will import the network settings into metamask.
  2. Manually by adding the following IoTeX network settings to Metamask:

Network Name: IoTeX Mainnet
          New RPC URL:
          Chain ID:  4689
          Currency Symbol: IOTX
          Block Explorer URL:


Bridge-able tokens per destination chain

Destination chains Tokens Contracts on IoTeX Partners with liquidity
Avalanche | Moonriver | Shiden | Harmony | Cronos AVAX    
Avalanche | Moonriver | Shiden | Cronos MAI    
All Chains RELAY    
Moonriver | Shiden | Cronos wMATIC    
Cronos CRYSTL    
Cronos CRO    
Binance Smart Chain BNB    
Fantom | Shiden | Harmony FTM    
Cronos POLYDOGE    
Heco HT    
Harmony ONE      

How to cross-chain from IoTeX to other chains?

Fantom Specific

Dex Partners on IoTeX

Tutorials with video

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4