How to bridge FTM from Fantom to Metis?

In this example, we will show you how to bridge FTM token from the Fantom network to the Metis network with the Relay Chain Bridge.
If you don’t already have the FTM token you can get some on one of our dex partners listed in the description below the video.
On the Relay chain app, select the destination chain where you want to send your funds. In this case Metis network
Note that you will need to wrap your Fantom token (FTM) before bridging it. You can do so on one of our dex partner listed in the description of the video.
Select the token you want to bridge, and input the amount. Verify that you have enough native Fantom token to cover bridge, and gas fees. then click transfer.
This will be a 2 step process, first, you will need to approve the transaction, and then, start the actual transfer.
Voila! You transaction is completed
cross-chain transfer completed


Now, to verify that your funds are arrived on Metis network, you might need to add Metis RPC to your MetaMask wallet, and import the Fantom Metis version into your wallet. Here’s how to do so:
Select the Metis network in the top dropdown menu on the Relay Chain app.
MetaMask will ask you to approve the new network
Once added, switch network, and got to the asset tab, and click import token.
Copy the Fantom, and Metis address from the description below the video, and paste in the custom tab, and import the token to see your balance

FTM contract on the Metis network: 0xa9109271abcf0c4106ab7366b4edb34405947eed