Tethys Relay bridge on Metis partnership
Tethys partners with RelayChain on Metis with 3 new pairs
March 3, 2022

The teams at Tethys and Relay are enabling more avenues to bridge your assets from various blockchains into the red hot Metis Andromeda Network. Tethys will be using the Relay bridged assets, DAI, FTM and AVAX for liquidity pools, paired with the Metis token. With the previous launch of wBTC pairs, This will now be 4 assets bridged by Relay that will be trading on Metis. Borrowing and lending pools will also be enabled for these assets! The enabling of these pools will allow users to efficiently bridge assets to Metis from 6 different blockchains. RelayChain is excited to partner with Tethys and MetisDAO to make is simple to participate in DeFi on the most exciting L2.

The new pools and origin chains for bridging will be as follows

DAI contract on Metis
Networks to bridge from:
Erhereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and BSC

AVAX contract on Metis:
Networks to bridge from:
Avalanche, Polygon, Moonriver

FTM Contract on Metis:
Networks to bridge from:
Fantom, Polygon, Moonriver

About Tethys

Tethys is one of the leading AMMs on the Metis network. They are also a borrowing/lending dApp. The platform launched in mid December, 2021. Tethys currently has a quickly growing $61 Million in TVL and about $20 Million in daily trading volume. Their token is also called TETHYS and is used for governance, staking, and rewards.

About Relay Chain

RelayChain enables fast, secure and low cost cross-chain token transfers between the worlds leading blockchains. The platform offers Bridging as a Service (BaaS) to partner networks and dApps wishing to expand their footprint beyond a single chain. RelayChain currently supports bridges between any combination of Metis, Moonbeam, Cronos, Harmony, MultiVAC, Moonriver, Metis, IoTeX, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Shiden and HECO. Multiple popular networks will be added in the near future. A unique feature of RelayChain is that once a token exists on our platform, it can be bridged to any other EVM in our list of networks. This can be done in one step without need to return to the parent chain first. This represents a major feature of speed and convenience for all of the users. The RELAY token holds high utility as it will be used to reward stakers with a share of the native gas tokens collected from bridging fees. It’s a deflationary token; the more transactions that occur, the more RELAY is bought back and burned. RelayChain can quickly enable any project’s tokens to be bridged at no cost to the project.