Donating funds to Ukraine
RelayChain for Ukraine
March 2, 2022

RelayChain is not a political organization, but we firmly believe in supporting good people facing the hardest of times. The citizens of Ukraine did nothing to deserve the wrath being brought upon them. The RelayChain team and it’s community are United in their resolve to send aid to Ukraine. 


This conflict hits very close to home for the Relay team as it does for many crypto teams. Ukraine has the 4th most Solidity developers of any nation. Three of our contract developers are Ukrainian. One of our primary bridge developers is also Ukrainian, we will call him “H” to respect his privacy. H had to flee his residence to safety and we are glad that he has been mostly ok for now. He is an incredibly talented developer, and his resolve to work in spite of what’s happening around him has been inspiring to all of us. One of our American developers “T” was working with H to resolve some paused bridge transactions and to deploy new assets earlier this week. T told a story of H working and needing to take shelter during multiple air raid sirens. This kind of dedication is beyond impressive. The entire community thanks you, H.  We didn’t expect him to be working at all, at least not for a while, but here he is doing what he does best, building bridges. Now it is our time as a community to build a bridge to his people utilizing the blockchain technology that we all believe in. We offered to help H directly and he respectfully declined by saying that there are many others that need more help than him. Here is what we plan to do:


  1. We will forego the next scheduled buyback and donate those funds to Ukraine. We will donate 100% of bridge revenue collected from the start of the conflict, Feb 24th through today. 
  2. We will donate 100% of the bridge revenues collected between today and March 5th. More bridging = more donations. Start bridging now!
  3. We will accept direct donations in USDC from community members to this address on Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Metis or BSC through March 6th:




*if any airdrop is received as a result of our donation, it will be paid back to the community in single sided staking 


The RelayChain team would like to thank our friends and community members in advance for their generosity. We hope for a fast and peaceful resolution to this tragedy of war.