MultiVac bridge partnership
MultiVAC joins RelayChain in an extensive bridging collaboration.
January 5, 2022

RelayChain has partnered with MultiVAC to import multiple assets from various blockchains. The initial bridge links will be between Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos, Harmony, Moonriver and MultiVAC. 


MultiVAC’s vision is to enable large-scale commercial DApps to integrate smoothly into the ecosystem, enabling everyone to quickly and easily use blockchain applications to improve their work efficiency and quality of life, thereby creating a trustworthy, fair and harmonious society. MultiVAC pioneers All-Dimensional Sharding, that is, the world’s first sharding solution that parallelizes consensus processing, consensus storage, and consensus message transmission. MultiVAC incorporates flexible sharding, the ability for DApps developers to choose features of the shards they wish to use specifically tailored for their performance, security, and decentralization requirements, allowing the production of more robust and specialized DApps. In test net, MultiVAC achieved a high benchmark of 30,784 TPS (using 64 shards.)


RelayChain enables fast, secure and low cost cross-chain token transfers between the worlds leading blockchains. The platform offers Bridging as a Service (BaaS) to partner networks and dApps wishing to expand their footprint beyond a single chain. RelayChain currently supports bridges between any combination of Cronos, Harmony, Moonriver, IoTeX, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Shiden, HECO and now MultiVAC. Multiple popular networks will be added in the near future. A unique feature of RelayChain is that once a token exists on our platform, it can be bridged to any other EVM in our list of networks. This can be done in one step without need to return to the parent chain first. This represents a major feature of speed and convenience for all of the users. The RELAY token holds high utility as it will be used to reward stakers with a share of the native gas tokens collected from bridging fees. It’s a deflationary token; the more transactions that occur, the more RELAY is bought back and burned. RelayChain can quickly enable any project’s tokens to be bridged at no cost to the project.


The RelayChain team is excited to be the primary partner in bridging assets to the new and exciting MultiVAC Network. Follow our channels for the assets that will be bridged soon in the near future . Stay tuned for future announcements on decentralized exchange partners!



RelayChain and MultiVAC operate as independent entities. All users should research any risks associated with each platform independently.