Strategic Token Buyback
Empowering Relay’s Future: A Strategic Token Buyback
July 20, 2023

Fueling the fire of our vision for Relay, we are proud to announce a landmark decision that emphatically underscores our unwavering commitment and unwavering belief in Relay’s journey. In a power play that resonates with our dedication, we’ve repurchased 523,000 tokens from one of our early venture capitalist (VC) backers. This is no ordinary transaction; it’s a strategic pivot that echoes our relentless belief in Relay’s promise and our intent to foster its momentum. Relay has been a community owned project, and our goal was to ensure it stays that way.

Steering our focus on Relay’s success, we continue to carve our path with a dedication that only strengthens with each step. We are excitedly charting a comprehensive roadmap for the coming year. In our commitment to transparency and acknowledging the trust you’ve placed in us, we are eager to share our ambitious objectives, key milestones, and strategic initiatives with our steadfast community.

Our team is equipped and ready to confront any obstacles, with our eyes set on Relay’s success and long-term viability. We are certain that our strategic planning, unyielding perseverance, and agile adaptability will pave the way for Relay’s growth in the face of external pressures. We will be releasing an updated roadmap shortly, in order to show the community what we have been working on behind the scenes.

The goal of Relay has always been one thing: to craft a user-centric platform that brings substantial value to our community. Your relentless support is the cornerstone of our commitment to this vision. It invigorates our drive for Relay’s success. As we forge ahead, we take a solemn pledge to channel our efforts towards delivering unrivaled value to you, our esteemed community members.

Our conviction remains unshaken that, together, we can steer Relay to become an influential force within the DeFi ecosystem. We are hopeful that our continued efforts and steadfast commitment will continually inspire your trust and support. We wish to express our deep gratitude for your invaluable contribution to our journey.

Thank you for your tenacious support and unwavering belief in our vision. Your steadfast faith in our mission fuels our determination to create a platform that truly stands apart. So gear up for an exciting, prosperous journey ahead with Relay! The future is here, and it’s brighter than ever. Let’s embrace it together.